Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And the winner is.....

It's getting harder each year to think of new ways to draw the winner of Stuart's Million Paws Walk Competition.  And with the generosity of our sponsors growing each year, some of the old methods are just not realistic (or healthy!).  This year, with everyone receiving an entry for each $10 they donated, there were 102 entries (excluding anonymous entries and Mathew, who elected not to be part of the draw).  I'm sure Ellen would be willing, but I felt we needed to look at something other than asking her to eat 102 sausages!

Fortunately, Stuart agreed to draw the prize himself this year.

Each entry was assigned a number, which was written on a small white ball.  The balls were thoroughly mixed in a bowl, and Stuart was asked to choose the winning ball.  The first ball removed from the bowl by Stuart was deemed to be the winner.

Thank you once more to all the generous supporters of this great cause.  Thanks to your efforts, Team Stuart the Cat raised $1206 for the RSPCA, and was the fifth-highest fundraising team in the ACT.

Hope you enjoy the film!

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