Sunday, May 27, 2012

we have a winner!

As promised, Ellen the Dog and Stuart the Cat helped me yesterday with the prize draw for Stuart's RSPCA Million Paws Walk competition.

The draw takes place following two elimination rounds, which reduce the number of entries from 30 to 10.  Everybody received one entry for each $10 they donated (except Mat, who elected not to be part of the competition).

We had a lot of fun making this film, and Ellen and Stuart were mostly very cooperative.

Congratulations to the winner, and thank you very much to all of Ellen's generous sponsors.  You've donated to a great cause!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

win stuart the cat jewellery!

Ellen the Dog is getting ready to participate in her third Million Paws Walk in Canberra on May 20th.  Given she is only four years old, this means she has been doing these walks for three-quarters of her life.  This is like an athlete competing in fifteen Olympic Games! Or sixty New York Marathons!

It's an extraordinary feat, and you're right to be impressed.

It's true she doesn't always look like an elite athlete,

and sometimes her diet is not what a sports nutritionist would recommend,

but when it comes to competing, she gives it her all, and still has the energy for a lovely smile afterwards.

But for Ellen, the thrill of competing is only part of her motivation.  She's also delighted to help the RSPCA raise money through the generous support of her sponsors.  And her old friends will know that each year, in conjunction with Stuart the Cat, she runs a competition where one of her lucky sponsors can win a piece of Stuart the Cat Designs' jewellery.

This year, she has decided that the winner will receive a $100 voucher to be used on any piece (or pieces) of jewellery.

To be eligible, all you need to do is make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to Ellen's fundraising page.  You will receive one entry in the draw for every $10.  So if you donate $50, you get five entries.  Easy!

Donations received up to 11:59 on May 25th 2012 will be eligible for the competition.  The prize draw will be conducted on May 26th, and the winner will be notified by email on May 27th.  On this day, Ellen will also post a film of the prize draw on this blog.  It will be a magnificent film.

Thank you in advance for your support of the RSPCA, and good luck!

Terms and Conditions

- All donations of $10 or more received via the fundraising page at will be eligible for entry.
- Sponsors will receive one entry for every full $10 donated.
- The winning entry will be randomly drawn on May 26th, in a draw organised and overseen by Lisa Jose.
- Film of the prize draw will be posted on this blog on May 27th, and the winner will be notified by email.
- Donations that are made anonymously cannot be entered into the prize draw, unless the donor's details are independently provided to Lisa Jose via the Stuart the Cat Designs contact page, or by email stuartcatdesigns at gmail dot com.
- The winning $100 voucher may be used towards purchases from Stuart the Cat's webstore (with free postage within Australia), from markets at which Stuart the Cat has a stall, or direct from Lisa Jose.  It may not be used at any of Stuart the Cat's retail stockists.
- If the winner resides outside Australia, they will be liable for the cost of postage of chosen jewellery.
- This competition is run by Stuart the Cat Designs, not the RSPCA.  Donations are made to the RSPCA via Everyday Hero, and Stuart the Cat Designs does not receive any part of these donations.