Tuesday, April 17, 2012

salem inspiration

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday.

Most of our time was spent in New York, but we took a fantastic side trip to Salem, Massachusetts.  I knew something of the history of Salem, but I had no idea what a beautiful place it is.

The towering black houses in parts of the town create a deliciously bleak atmosphere in which it's easy to imagine the terror of witches that gripped many people in the seventeenth century - alongside the fear of accusation born of the hysteria.

Of course, there were no witches, and the grimmest thing about Salem today is the plethora of tacky witch souvenirs and ghost walks.  And the weather.  For most of our stay we were stung by icy drizzle driven by Atlantic winds, but when it cleared it was easy to appreciate the beauty of the town.

If not in the weather, spring was evident in the shooting buds and blossoms.  And when the sun came out, it revealed gorgeous details in the buildings, the trees and the sky.  The shadows, colours, textures, angles, contrasts and harmonies will undoubtedly inspire me as I head back into the jewellery workshop.


  1. I've always always wanted to go there!! Love your photos!

  2. Thanks Chococcuro. You should definitely go there, but I'd recommend visiting when it's a little warmer!