Monday, February 14, 2011

new collection

Stuart the Cat Designs' new collection will be available at the next Handmade Market in Canberra.

The new range is inspired by ancient cultures, modern colours and bold shapes.

Here is a sample of my current work.  I hope to see you at the market!


  1. Beautiful. You are a talented smith as well as chef as well as literary craftswoman. I kneel at your feet Ms Hosay.

  2. Any plans for a men's range at all?

  3. I have been thinking of some designs for men's rings. Was there something in particular you're interested in?

  4. Not really. I like rings. And most jewellery actually. I like the styles you're doing. I used to wear a lot of jewelry (when I was youthful and thought heavy metal was cool) with overly substantial chains. But I'm a grown up now and I'd look silly if I wore that sort of thing.

    So, in short, what you're doing but more masculine and conservative.